Salesforce | Summer’14 Release features

Salesforce’s Summer’14 release came up with lots of leverages for developers as well as for ISVs.

Here I have highlighted few of them :

  1. Visualforce Remote Objects
    JavaScript remoting is very powerful and popular method building web app with Visualforce. This will give you helping hand to perform DML on sObjects directly from JavaScript.
  2. PageReference URIs Support Anchors
    You can construct PageReference objects with URIs that include anchors or fragment identifiers, that is, an identifier following a hash symbol (#).
    For example :
    PageReference pageRef = new PageReference(‘/apex/MyPage#mainSection’);
  3. New methods have been added to String class
    1. escapeJava
      Returns the string whose characters are escaped by Java rules.
    2. escapeUnicode
      Returns the string whose Unicode characters are escaped to a Unicode escape sequence.
    3. unescapeJava
      Returns the string whose Java literals are unescaped.
    4. unescapeUnicode
      Returns the string whose escaped Unicode characters are unescaped.
  4. Attach file upto 25 MB for objects, previously it was 5 MB.
  5. Limits for all apex describe calls have been removed for all API limits
  6. Script statements limit methods have been removed but available in deprecated in API version.
  7. Apex Flex Queue – Pilot
    Flex Queue will help you to submit batch jobs beyond the limit of 5 queued or active jobs
  8. Now you can run future method with higher limits (but currently its in pilot)
    For example,
    @future(limits=’2xHeap’), @future(limits=’2xSOQL’) etc.
  9. Lots of changes and new features have been added to Chatter in Apex, for that you can visit this link.
  10. The good news for developers is that the API request in developer edition is raised to 15000, previously it was 5000.
  11. Salesforce has included some imp features for ISV partners.
    1. Deleting managed package components
      I must say this is the best feature for every ISV partner. Some times some components get added into the manage package which may lead to some unwanted limitation in your package. If something similar happens with you then this feature will defiantly like lifeline for you.
      This feature help you to remove unwanted components from your manage package. It includes following components while updating a previously released managed package.

      1. Custom Buttons and Links
      2. Custom Fields
      3. Custom Objects
      4. Custom Tabs
      5. Field Sets
      6. Record Types
      7. Validation Rules
    2. Usage Metrics – Pilot
      This feature is currently available through a pilot program. To enable this feature you need to contact
      This feature will allow you to collect detailed usage metrics from each Organisation in which your managed package is installed. This will help you to design your Road Map for next version of app release.